Across the Great Rift

There is a lot happening within the pages of this novel and many of them very thought-provoking. We embark with characters in the midst of what seems like a simple mission for a highly advanced society–colonize untouched parts of the galaxy–but the plot quickly escalates when sabotage and murder lead to the upheaval of plans of the daring “Gate” builders and their team. You have honest and rather humble characters...

Max Mirona – Book 1

MAX MIRONA is a story about a globetrotting exotic dancer named Max who becomes one of the few humans saved from Earth's destruction. His rescuer, Ral, is an alien and as Max quickly learns, there is a wide and wild universe full of even more species than humanity had ever dreamed. As these two lonesome souls take their own first steps into their new lives, along with an uncomfortably sentient AI named BIL and a fiercely unfriendly cat, Max and Ral inadvertently become entangled in a galactic conspiracy two thousand years in the making.