Hi! I’m Becca. I’m an MFA-graduate living in Philadelphia, working in a data management field, and doing my best to write several novels every second I can.

Most of this blog will be a collection of my book reviews, but also any potential freelance services I will be offering, including manuscript copy editing and beta reading (2/2/22 – currently not open.) I will also be rebuilding my digital goods portfolio and hopefully a store.

Writing Stats

Current Work-in-Progress: N/A – Editing

Editing/Second Drafting: Two completed novels.


  • An adult fantasy-horror novel about a scholar of magic, a reluctant heir to a magical dynasty, and a demon with a chip on their shoulder who have to work together to stop a death cult.
  • An adult science fiction novel about a superhero family that literally implodes, and then struggles to put the pieces back together. Two short stories.

Shelved: One completed novel.