Review: Shy Grove

When Gary’s crazy aunt Ester dies, he inherits her house in the forgotten town of Shy Grove. Along with his wife and son, he moves into the house to catalogue her belongings, as well as try to work on their relationships. But from the first night, strange things happen in the house. Whispers in empty rooms, shadows in corridors, and changes in Gary’s personality hint that there is something wrong. And not just with the house... Shy Grove: A Ghost Story is southern gothic horror that builds a sense of creeping dread.

Review: Across the Great Rift

A science fiction novel set in the far future. The new empires, which have arisen from the rubble of a devastating war, are looking with greedy eyes across the Great Rift to the untouched stars which lie there. Great riches and power will come to those who can control them. Engineer Charles Crawford has been dispatched with Terraformer Regina Nassau and a bold expedition on a ten-year voyage to establish a colony and transport gate on the far side of the Rift. But a rival power is determined to hijack the attempt and has secreted an agent in the expedition to disrupt it with sabotage and murder....

Essay – The Cloned Body in Utopian and Dystopian Literature

The Cloned Body in Utopian and Dystopian Literature In a world where governments continue to grow in both power and size, the body of a citizen of a state is subject to the powers that maintain their society. In societies where governments lead to the creation of a need-based relation with its constituents’ bodies, this is a crucial element to the success of their society’s security and stability. However, in...

Max Mirona – Book 1

MAX MIRONA is a story about a globetrotting exotic dancer named Max who becomes one of the few humans saved from Earth's destruction. His rescuer, Ral, is an alien and as Max quickly learns, there is a wide and wild universe full of even more species than humanity had ever dreamed. As these two lonesome souls take their own first steps into their new lives, along with an uncomfortably sentient AI named BIL and a fiercely unfriendly cat, Max and Ral inadvertently become entangled in a galactic conspiracy two thousand years in the making.