• Points on a Circle

    Status: Querying
    Word Count: 117,000~
    Genres: Science Fiction / Super Hero
    Target: Adult
    Comps: We Could Be Heroes, Orphan Black, Firestarter

    Pitch: A young man flees a failed superhero project after his super-family literally explodes. One sister seeks revenge, the other absolution. A tired government agent and his partner dodge fate. A young woman picks up a mask.

  • Mara

    Status: Querying
    Word Count: 80,000~
    Genres: Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic
    Target: Adult
    Comps: The Road, Cloud Atlas, American Gods

    Summary: An angry girl breaks god, heaven, and then the world. Centuries later, a little boy grows up in broken world full of monsters. Their meeting spills into an interwoven narrative of myth, the past, and maybe a way to fix a shattered Earth.

  • Max Mirona – Book 1

    Status: Book 1 completed. Drafting Books 2 and 3
    Word Count: 130,000~
    Genres: Science Fiction, Space Opera, LGBTQ+
    Series: Three Books (all mapped out/outlined; Book 2 started)
    Target: Adult
    Comps: Titan A.E., Mass Effect, The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

    Summary: MAX MIRONA is a story about a globetrotting exotic dancer named Max who becomes one of the few humans saved from Earth’s destruction. His rescuer, Ral, is an alien and as Max quickly learns, there is a wide and wild universe full of even more species than humanity had ever dreamed. As these two lonesome souls take their own first steps into their new lives, along with an uncomfortably sentient AI named BIL and a fiercely unfriendly cat, Max and Ral inadvertently become entangled in a galactic conspiracy two thousand years in the making.