Essay – The Cloned Body in Utopian and Dystopian Literature

In a world where governments continue to grow in both power and size, the body of a citizen of a state is subject to the powers that maintain their society. In societies where governments lead to the creation of a need-based relation with its constituents’ bodies, this is a crucial element to the success of their society’s security and stability. However, in the course of this goal of maintaining order, individuals become fodder, and this can be seen with great clarity in the works of fiction...

Max Mirona – Book 1

MAX MIRONA is a story about a globetrotting exotic dancer named Max who becomes one of the few humans saved from Earth's destruction. His rescuer, Ral, is an alien and as Max quickly learns, there is a wide and wild universe full of even more species than humanity had ever dreamed. As these two lonesome souls take their own first steps into their new lives, along with an uncomfortably sentient AI named BIL and a fiercely unfriendly cat, Max and Ral inadvertently become entangled in a galactic conspiracy two thousand years in the making.